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B Glossary

Variable      : A memory cell that can store value of the type the variable has.

Constant      : A value of a certain type that does not change over compile
                time. This is usually set by the compiler.

Type          : The kind of data that is in a memory cell, this can be an
                integer, float or string, or user defined "complex type".

Primitive Type: A primitive type is one of the types AmiBlitz³ knows build-in.

Complex Type  : A complex type is a composition of primitive types. They are
                defined by the user.
Function      : A block of expressions that has some input parameters and one
                output result.
                AmiBlitz³ has some build in functions, and the user can define own

Macro         : Instruction how to replace the macro name in source code with
                its body.
                Note: AmiBlitz³ uses macros in form of constants defined by
                preceding # and "Macro"s, while C uses #define for both.
                AmiBlitz³ uses only the preceding #.

Bool(ean)     : a type that can hold only two values: true and false
                This is usually the result type of comparators.

Long/Word/Byte: Those are Integer values, which can contain only numbers
                without fractional part.
                Results are rounded downwards, e.g. 5/2 = 2 in integer space

Float/Double  : Float is a numeric value with fractional part, Double is the
                same with higher precision

String        : A string in AmiBlitz³ is a sequence of characters terminated
                by 0.

Array         : An Array is a sequence of variables of a certain type.
                The variables are accessed by their index.
List          : A List is a sequence of variables of a certain type.
                The variables are accessed by stepping forward and backwards in
                the list.

AmiBlitz³     : programming language, see http://AmiBlitz≥               

C             : programming language

Expression    : anything that can be evaluated. An expression is composed out
                of terminals and non-terminals.

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