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Free Software - Games

System friendly Asteroids game. Runs on graphicscards and supports 24bit, uses AHI sound and runs best on Amithlon and WinUAE. Should run under AOS4 and MOS as well.

Download: AsteroidsTR.lha (3.1 MB, version 1.9)
Music: Asteroids Ahead! (3.1 MB)
Global Highscore: Top 100


This is a small and system friendly break out clone that runs on the WB screen.

Download: ArTKanoid.lha (580kB, version 3.0)


Yes, Toadies! The famous Worms clone. Love it or hate it.
(it definetly needs a real Amiga with custom chips present and a monitor displaying 15kHz or a scandoubler, alternatively UAE)
Visit the homepage: toadies.hd-rec.de

Download: Toadies80b.lha (1.04MB)

Monkeyscript - Adventure Engine

MonkeyScript *was* a Click-'n-Point adventure construction kit. The project I planned with MonkeyScript was cancelled and I stopped developement. However, the scripting language used inside is now split apart from all the adventure-related stuff and turned into a multi-purpose scripting language for AmiBlitz3. It is still called "MonkeyScript" because I like the name, this may cause confusion. It is now included in the AmiBlitz3 Distribution.
The adventure construction kit itself is not available, because it did not reach a releasable state. The original documentation from 2001 can be found here: Monkeyscript Documentation (German only).

Free Software - Tools

Just a small text editor like NotePad with a file browser. It is highly configurable and can do C/C++, AmiBlitz3, MonkeyScript and HTML highlightning.

Download: TuiTED.lha (146kB, version 2.5)


Do you know those little yellow papers you can glue at the side of your computer screen and write something useful on it ? Well, this is the same only virtual and it is visible ON your screen.

Download: PosTED.lha (116kB, version 2.1)


GUI for all CLI based unpackers like lha, lzx, unrar, unadf and unzip. It makes life a bit easier, you can use it as a shell command, a wb utilitiy or put it into the deficons.

Download: TKUnpacker2.lha (41kB)

Free Software - Graphics

PerlinFX is a pattern generator based on Perlin Noise. It generates very naturally looking, seemless pattern graphics that can be used e.g. as 3D textures, wallpapers, tiles of 2D games etc.

Download: PerlinFX.lha (217kB, version 1.0)

Free Software - Audio

Sample editor in the Aegis Audiomaster style. It has some powerful functions like an undo history, realtime effects (autotune, compressor, eq ...) and AHI support. Samplemanager can handle AIFF, MAUD, WAVE, CDDA, MP3 and RAW files. It is a swiss army knife to do some quick editing of audio samples.

Download: Samplemananger.lha (553kB, version 2.0)


Small and minimalistic player for MP3, MOD, WAV, AIFF, 8SVX, MAUD, CDDA and RAW audio files. It is designed to use it as default tool in the deficons of audio formats to be able to play them quickly without opening a program like AmigaAmp. The latest version comes with nice, but unexpensive skins.

Download: TKPlayer.lha (84kB, version 2.1)

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