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Technical and conceptional details for HD-Rec v1.0
  • audio and MIDI recordings are treated equal and are arranged in the same timeline editor (called arranger)
  • arranging is done via drag&drop
  • saves and renders in the background so that the user can continue work immediately even with large data sets
  • easy plugin system for MIDI/audio applications like synth editors, remote for digial mixers or software synthesizers
  • software synths have sample exact timing, independent from the CPU speed
  • 256 tracks (MIDI/audio)
  • font-sensitive gadtools based (but beautiful) gui, based on the "TUI" toolkit
  • uses the AHI library interface
  • 16 bit / 11.025-96.0 kHz audio recording & playback
  • audiomixer with 16 stereo channels, 1 input channel, 4 send channels, max 8 effects per channel
  • non-destructive audio editing (cut, copy, paste, merge)
  • realtime effects can also be rendered permanently to audio wavesamples
  • effects:
    • reverb
    • delay
    • chorus
    • compressor
    • softclipper
    • desser
    • parametric equalizer
    • stereospreader
    • phaser/flanger
    • bitcrusher
  • supports aiff, wav, maud, raw, cdda, 8svx, mp3 files
  • more effects (gate, vocoder, autotune, pitchshifter, distorsion)
  • MIDI I/O is based on the camd.library
  • Bars&Pipes style notator for MIDI tracks ("staff-hybrid notation")
  • tools like "doctor of velocity", "quantisation", "add feeling", ...
  • note resolution is 192tpq
  • can use up to 8 MIDI ports at the same time (=128 MIDI channels)
  • reads and writes standard MIDI files
  • reads mod files
  • gives priorities to MIDI instruments to squeeze out best timing for critical instruments (like drums)
  • your suggestions are welcome
  • Sweeper (software synthesizer/sampler), GM compatible, import of GUS patches and SoundFonts
  • Camd2Device (driver for MIDI interfaces without camd driver via serial.device)
  • Arexx Tool (wrapper for applications that are suitable to work as a plugin via Arexx, like a soundcard mixer)
  • singing voice synthesizer
  • more advances software FM/PM synthesizer and subtractive synthesis (like TB303)
  • specialized drum sampler
  • patch editor for the yamaha AN1x
  • patch editor for the yamaha promix01
  • patch editor for the boehm expander
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