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If you are a software developer and want to write a plugin for HD-Rec you get full support from me. There is a documentation and an Amiga shared library called "plugin.library" that does all the nasty stuff for you like:

logging in and out at the HD-Rec plugin server

finding and obtaining HD-Rec's screen

receiving and sending commands from/to HD-Rec

complete audio / MIDI input/output

You don't have to fiddle around with AHI, CAMD, messageports, semaphores etc., you can just concentrate on the functionality of the plugin. Possible types of plugins are softsynth/sampler, patcheditor for synth/effects or digital mixers, visualisation plugins. Feel free to contact thilo[a)hd-rec.de if you are interested and download the developer archive from the download area.

HD-Rec is open-source now. The source code can be found at sourceforge.

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