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HD-Rec 1.0
HD-Rec 1.0 - MIDI/Audio Sequencer
This page will give you a brief overview about the concept of HD-Rec and what it can do for you.

The main window of HD-Rec is the arranger window. Here you can arrange MIDI and audio "elements" together in the same time line. You can move them around by drag and drop, and perform general operations on them like creating, ex/importing, deleting, cutting, renaming etc., regardless of their type of content, MIDI or audio.

On double click on a wavesample, the waveeditor opens. Here you can be edited the wavesample in detail, e.g. render some DSP effects on it or cut it at sampleframe accuracy.

On double click on a MIDI track, the notator opens. The notator allows you to edit the MIDI events, such as Notes, Controllers, Pitch Wheel, Aftertouch and Program Change. Different styles help you to feel familiar with the notation, e.g. hybrid notation or piano roll.

The wavesamples and other audio output from plugins are routed into the audio mixer. Every channel can contain "insert" DSP effects, like an equalizer, or send to the aux channels, where "send" DSP effects can be attached, such as Reverb or Delay. Everything is processed in realtime and played back via AHI. Even the AHI input can be used like a normal channel and processed with DSP effects. The main out can also be exported in various file formats (e.g. mp3 or wav) directly to disk, faster than realtime if the CPU is fast enough.

The MIDI tracks are played through up to 8 MIDI ports via CAMD, having some softsynths or hardware synths or other devices listening.


What will I get ?
If you purchase HD-Rec Pro, you will get a lifetime valid keyfile. The keyfile will turn your HD-Rec Lite Version into the HD-Rec Pro Version.
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