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Sweeper 2.0
Sweeper 2.0 - Software Synthesizer/Sampler

Sweeper 2.0 49.- €

Sweeper is a software synthesizer and sampler, making a wide range of instruments possbile, from a screaming techno brass to a soft orchestral harp. It has a special instrument slot for drum kits, making Sweeper GM (General MIDI) compatible, if you are using a suitable GM voice bank. The Sweeper Player Version is included for free in HD-Rec. The full version allows you to create and edit your own instruments, and comes with a constantly growing instrument download section.
demo mp3 (various sweeper instruments).


What will I get ?
If you purchase Sweeper 2.0, you will get a life-time valid key file via email. The keyfile will turn your Sweeper Player Version into the Sweeper Full Version. In addition, you will get a login/password to the online Sweepers Instrument Pool, where you can download instrument files for Sweeper.
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