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UltraFX Pack
UltraFX Pack - High Quality DSP Effect Library

UltraFX Pack

UltraFX Pack is a collection of high quality DSP effects. It is not finished.

Currently the following DSP Effects are implemented:
UltraCrunch (Distorsion/Guitar Amp)
UltraComp (dynamik compressor with look ahead)
UltraGate (gate with look ahead)
UltraFFT (tool to manipulate the spectrum, usefull for many different effects)
UltraTube (tube simulator)
planned effects:
UltraPitch (pitchshifter with different modes, e.g. formant correct pitchshifting)
UltraTune (autotune, very useful to correct a not-so-perfect singing voice, also known as "Cher" effekt, if overdone)
UltraConv (time domain convolution effect, useful to replicate authentic reverbs or room acoustics, not realtime)
UltraDelay (L-C-R delay with a lot of features)
UltraVoice (voice manipulation effects, like robot sound, resynthesis etc.)
demo mp3 (dry/wet comparism of various DSP effects).


What will I get ?
If you purchase the UltraFX Pack, you will get all DSP effects that are currently implemented, and all that will be implemented in future belonging to this FX Pack.
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